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“I was reluctant to work with a financial advisor until I met with Lauren.

Her willingness to dig in and discuss unsound spending habits and what triggers them has helped me tremendously. I previously didn’t consider the impact of my spending habits, but now, I stop myself before I make an unplanned purchase to ask: “Can I hold off for a while before I click that button?”, “Do I really need it?”, “Can I afford it right now?”

I feel much more in control of my money, and am no longer avoiding it. I am improving my credit rating and feel much more positive about my financial outlook. I’m no longer a victim to my own short sightedness.” ~ Daniel

“I am a small business owner who hit a very rough patch during and after the COVID-19 shutdown. I had never learned to live within my means and had significant credit card and student loan debt. Although I never missed any payments, the stress of the financial noose became debilitating and took a toll on my mental health. After recovering from a major depressive episode, I found Lauren at Sage Financial Renewal.

She has provided me with tools, advice, and encouragement that have helped me gain control and develop new confidence. She has shown me that it’s never too late to learn and that ‘fear of finances’ is not uncommon. It took 40 years to develop my poor $$ habits so I’m still a work in progress, but with Lauren’s help, I’m well on my way to a happier and healthier future.” ~ M.L. Rhee, Richmond, California

Hugely, fundamentally helpful to have a monthly, yearly record of what I spend and how it lines up with my financial goals.

I needed help setting up a budget, so I could monitor my expenses. I never knew what I had to spend, where the money was going, or whether or not I’d have extra. Now I have valuable information that I use to apply to my life planning. I keep track of my income and expenses on a daily, monthly, annual basis—and can immediately see if I’m on track.

What I most appreciate about Lauren is that she will be patient and supportive of your learning process, and efficient with your use of time. You can trust her to have your best interests as a priority. I highly recommend her services.” ~ Kathy

“I was able to get out of credit card debt within months of my first session with Lauren”

Lauren was highly recommended to me by friends who had worked with her. I was also impressed by the fact that she had facilitated workshops. She is very calm and levelheaded, and I knew she would be good to work with (since I used to feel so panicked and overwhelmed by my money issues).

Thanks to Lauren, my attitude about money has completely changed. I really think that this change in attitude helped me focus and do the necessary things that ultimately eliminated my debt.   

I am managing my finances much more intelligently and carefully now. I feel much more positive and I no longer panic about money because I’ve learned some excellent tools working with Lauren. ~ Julie

“What a gift this has been.”

“I worked with Lauren for a few weeks and she was able to help me see my finances in a way that I could not have come up with myself, yet it felt very comfortable and doable for me.

The most valuable thing I learned from Lauren was not to spend money that you hadn’t actually earned yet and not to immediately spend every unaccounted for penny the second you had the money.  

I was so used to living paycheck to paycheck that I had to learn to slow down and THINK about how I wanted to spend.  

The money concepts I learned from Lauren really stayed with me, and when I was laid off recently, I did not panic because I knew my money house was in order.” – Court Reporter, Petaluma

Lauren has a deep understanding of the issues and fears that individuals and couples experience around money.

She can help with the nuts and bolts of financial planning—and [help you recognize] the emotional and psychological underpinnings of unhealthy beliefs and behaviors.  

This is a rare and powerful combination that I believe makes her uniquely qualified.

She gives accurate feedback with honesty and compassion.

She really cares and it shows in everything she does.

She presents several options for how to make finances easier and more clear, then lets her clients choose a plan for themselves.

Trust that things will get easier as a result of working with her.” ~ Joe

“Lauren helped us figure out as a couple how to talk with one another about our goals and budget”

I cannot recommend Lauren Spelman highly enough.

She helped my husband and me figure out what our long-term goals were and then taught us the methodology that would lead to making them a reality.

We had created budgets for years that simply didn’t work, because as Lauren pointed out, we were looking back after the fact and saying, “Gee, we didn’t meet the budget this month – again.”

Lauren’s methodology involves looking forward to what expenses you know are on the horizon in the coming months, tracking your expenses, and then making decisions as you go about what adjustments need to be made in order to meet the monthly budget (and thus, your yearly goals).

Lauren is professional and organized. She is very easy to work with and is completely non-judgmental.  

With Lauren’s help, we were able to save much more than we ever had before while at the same time reducing our debt AND living a lifestyle we were both happy with. – Small Business Owner, Mill Valley, CA

“Trust that you can be open and honest with Lauren without experiencing guilt or judgment.” 

We were suffering repeated financial challenges in trying to manage debt and reach financial stability.  

Lauren brought us peace-of-mind and reassurance that we could plan and execute a strategy so we could reach our financial goals.

She is a true partner in our financial planning efforts—highly responsive in researching issues and answering questions, resourceful in analysis and problem solving, and supportive in action plan follow-up and recognizing goal achievement. 

Her encouragement and perspective have helped us maintain our efforts and focus to reach goals. ~ Harvey, California 

“I am learning how to effectively manage my money for the first time in my life!”

“Lauren is an extremely bright light! She has helped me raise my level of consciousness about my finances so I can more confidently make decisions.

Lauren enthusiastically shares her expertise and experience with compassion and honesty. She provides a supportive environment to learn and grow.

Now, I know exactly where I am and what I need to do next to meet my goals.

I am extremely pleased by the results I’m achieving as a result of working with her.”  ~ Anonymous