About Money Coaching

Money coaching can help you with both the practical and emotional aspects of money.

For most people, even those who make a great living,
money is an area of stress and uncertainty.

“I have to save for retirement and my kid’s college tuition at the same time. How do I do this?”

“I’m spending all the money I make. I’m tapped out. Where does all my money go?”

We’ve been bailed out of debt three times now, but it keeps coming back. What’s happening?”

I can’t get on the same page with my spouse about money. We don’t even talk about it anymore.”

With guidance, you can progress through this process of discovery and transformation toward a life of increased peace of mind and more confidence around money management.

  • Gain clarity and understanding about your current financial situation.
  • Clarify your values around money.
  • Identify how to create a solid financial foundation.
  • Establish realistic goals for earning, spending and saving.
  • Overcome shame, guilt and overwhelm about finances.
  • Identify underearning behaviors, set new goals, and earn your worth.
  • Create long-lasting debt solutions.

During the money coaching process, you will gain clarity about what you truly want in your life, and the means and motivation to succeed.

Money coaching is a compassionate process, without shame or blame. It is not about forcing yourself to conform to a particular budget. On the contrary – you will emerge from this process feeling less restricted, more expansive, and – overall – uplifted, energized and capable of taking on what previously had seemed overwhelming to you. It is truly transformational.

Everyone’s experiences and issues with money are unique, and so the process of money coaching will be different for everyone, especially with regard to timelines.

There is a general flow to the process, however. Some similarities for each client’s process would be the following:

Gather Information

Talk about specifics of your situation, where you are with regard to your finances and sense of security and ease in your life, why you are seeking clarity and assistance.

Establish Goals

Discuss your dreams and vision for your life, and what it will take to get there.

Create a Plan

This will be a unique, doable plan completely in line with your needs and goals.

Gain Clarity and Shift Money Habits

Use the Spending-Earning Plan/MoneyMinder® System to identify and shift money patterns, bring awareness to unconscious spending patterns, and move toward goals.

Discover Money’s Impact

As you start to see this powerful process in action, you’ll discover how money affects all aspects of your life, and you’ll start to see new options, new ways of thinking about choices.

Develop Peace of Mind

By creating a healthier relationship with money on several different levels – practical, emotional and spiritual – you’ll feel a new sense of expansiveness and calm.

Money coaching can be done with individuals, couples and for small businesses. This work can be done in-person or on the phone.

Money Coaching is Right For You If…

  • You are open to talking about both the practical and emotional sides of money. (Don’t worry, I will facilitate this.)
  • You are aware that Rome was not built in a day. There are no quick fixes, as true sustainable change does take time.
  • You are tired of the status quo and you are really ready to try something different.

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