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Money Coaching for Business Owners

We all know running a business can be challenging.

But factor money management into the equation, and things can get messy very quickly.

Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

  • Your personal finances are mixed up with your business finances. (Your spouse complains that all the money is tied up in your business.)
  • You don’t set money aside for taxes, and take a big hit when filing time comes around.
  • Your accountant handles the books, so you aren’t 100% on top of your money. You don’t know exactly how much is going in and how much is going out.
  • You never feel like you have enough money, so you hang on to every dollar, and dare not take anything out.
  • You don’t know the real monthly income you make after expenses, overhead, and taxes.
  • You are constantly wondering what you need to be earning to create a viable, profitable business.

When your money situation is unorganized and out of control,
owning a business can feel like a nightmare.

But deciding to manage your money like a pro can help you get on track and grow your earnings—and it can happen much quicker than you think.

As your money coach, I help you:

  • Learn how to manage your cash flow so you are never stressed about being able to pay yourself, cover your business expenses, and stay current with taxes.
  • Break free from the pattern of earning less than your potential and gain clarity on exactly what you need to earn.
  • Explore your underlying money beliefs and habits so you can create more life balance and avoid the patterns of overworking.

“I am learning how to effectively manage my money for the first time in my life! Now, I know exactly where I am and what I need to do next to meet my goals. I am extremely pleased by the results I’m achieving as a result of working with her.”  ~ Anonymous, Read more…

Money coaching for business owners can help you break your income ceiling, gain confidence around rate setting and negotiating, and get serious about realizing your business objectives.

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